Otoplasty, or “pinning back the ears”, is most often performed on children before they start formal schooling, but is also commonly used to help adults who have “always disliked” their ears. Otoplasty addresses the shape and orientation of the external ear and can even decrease the size of sagging or large earlobes. Incisions are hidden on the back of the ear and sutures are used to change the curvature of the ear cartilage and thus decrease the prominence of an ear which “sticks out”. Sometimes excess cartilage and skin may be removed. General anesthesia is usually recommended for children, but adults may choose local anesthesia depending upon their desires and the procedure itself. Sometimes small changes can be made with almost no incision. Often the ears are bandaged for a short period of time and your surgeon may suggest wearing a headband to protect the ears for several weeks, perhaps just at night.